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Anti Blemish Cream

Göz makyajı

Product Information

Weight: 50 ml


About product

Peptix Anti-Blemish Cream contains vitisin, a root extract of Vitis Vinifera (grape). Vitisin is an Ecocert certified natural cosmetic active ingredient derived from the roots of the grape vine


In addition to its special formulation developed in France, it contains the combination of Vitis Vinifera root extract and Azelaoyl Tripeptide-1peptide, a patented product with antimicrobial activity.

Thanks to these very effective and special actives, it helps to reduce sun spots, hyperpigmented and black spots on the skin, while at the same time adjusting the amount of moisture needed by the skin, helping the skin to shine and look silky.


How To Use

  • Apply to cleansed skin with light massaging.

  • It can be applied to all parts of the body.

  • Suitable for use on hand, face and body.