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Our Vision

To be a leading cosmetics company that always delights our consumers, customers and employees and makes them smile.

Our Mission

As Reafarma, we will be recognized as an international and leading Turkish cosmetics and pharmaceutical company making significant investments in vertical integration and other key supporting business areas. We will provide consumers with easily accessible high-quality products at affordable prices, while providing best-in-class products and establish strong partnerships with customers. We will respect the health of our employees and consumers while ensuring sustainable and stable earnings, and operate as a company that fulfills our corporate social responsibility obligations and respects the environment.

Our Commitment

By focusing on changing customer and market needs, we offer consumers easily accessible high-quality products at affordable prices, provide best-in-class service and establish strong partnerships with our customers.
We always aim to please our consumers, customers and employees and make them smile. To achieve this goal, we develop, strengthen and empower our organization. We guarantee corporate success with our employees who have absorbed our values.
We respect the health of our employees, society and consumers, and we create trust by operating as a company that respects the environment. Being aware of our corporate responsibilities, we conduct our business within the framework of openness and honesty. We create a safe working environment that respects human rights.

Our Values

Customer is our priority

• Our customers and consumers are our top priority, whose happiness is above all else, we attach importance to their needs.
• Our customer is always right.
• We increase our brand value by offering products and packaging designs that will give our customers and potential customers a "Happy Moment".
• We adopt the win-win principle in our relations with customers. We protect the rights of both our customers and our company.

We are the first in quality

• We offer our consumers easily accessible high quality products with best-in-class service.
• We follow the best practices in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry and aim to do better.
• We constantly raise the quality bar in production and service stages.

We are competitive

• We always start tough races in the areas where we operate.
• We aim first in every field.
• We are fast and agile, working hard and surpassing ourselves, we offer our customers the best first.

We Succeed All Together

• We respect individual differences and work as a single team for the same goal.
• We consult each other, learn together and develop our skills.
• The success of all of us is the success of our company.

We Get Our Strength From Change

• With our entrepreneurial spirit in the face of change and innovation, we research, support and implement new ideas.
• We shape our innovation power with different skills and knowledge.
• We identify new opportunities in the market and increase our mobility by rapidly adapting to change.
• leads change; We create new markets and set trends.
• We embrace new and different ideas.


R&D Principles

• Using scientific methods and techniques to search, find and report truths.
• To observe human and environmental health and public interest in our works by adhering to the laws and regulations in force and our principles and targets.
• Always prioritizing consumer needs and expectations.
• To provide security-quality optimization in products.